Breed: Chipin Gender: male Nickname: Dooley Age: 48 Years 4 Months Posted Breed: Chihuahua / Miniature Pinscher / Mixed (short coat). I seem to have gone through some hardship as I was originally impounded with four other dogs, but all are blur now All I remember is that I got badly depressed, stopped eating, and became really thin. Then they put me in a foster home, which removed my record fro...
7-May-2018Sylmar, CA(15 miles)Dogs for Sale
Breed: Miniature Pinscher Gender: female Nickname: Mayvey Age: 48 Years 4 Months Posted Breed: Miniature Pinscher. Mavey came to us with one puppy who survived from her last litter. We think she may have been used as a breeding dog as she is a purebred Min PIn. She has a sweet dispositon and is very friendly and loves attention and is about 5 years old. She does have a small genetic flaw - one ...
14-May-2018Fillmore, CA(22 miles)Dogs for Sale
Jethro is a 100+-pound Dobie who arrived with a sibling or relative, both dogs unneutered, undocked and well into middle age. We had assumed they would tolerate each other well, having obviously come from the same home environment, but that wasn't the case. Jethro is a fawn Dobie with a so-so coat, and he can tolerate a non-confrontational large female dog well. He loves human companionship and...
14-May-2018Fillmore, CA(22 miles)Dogs for Sale
Drakka is a 7-year-old stunner who has an activity level much younger than his years. He has had a few different homes and sadly, it has left him a little lost and anxious. Drakka originally lost his home because of divorce and a move. He has since failed in 2 other homes because of his aggression towards cats and then his jealousy of other dogs. 1 thing remains though...he Adores people. Once ...
14-May-2018Fillmore, CA(22 miles)Dogs for Sale
Woody is a newer dog who was recently neutered, so we just had the opportunity to introduce him to other dogs. We had the idea that he is a pretty social guy and he has yet to disappoint, now sharing his kennel with a female Dobie. There's still plenty we don't know about Woody but we really like him and his sweet, happy and curious demeanor. He would probably be a precious addition to a myriad...
14-May-2018Fillmore, CA(22 miles)Dogs for Sale
Homer is an extra-large Dobie boy who was impounded at an animal rescue shelter with another (unneutered) male, either his brother or possibly his son. We thought they would be compatible kenneled together, but that wasn't the case. Both dogs are compatible with large female dogs, however. Homer weighs 107.5 lbs and is 6-7yrs old, a blue Dobie with a so-so coat but healthy-looking skin. He's be...
14-Apr-2018Encino, CA(7 miles)Dogs for Sale
****Courtesy Post - Do NOT contact Rescue**** Zeus is a black/tan dobie with ears down and full tail. Adores people of all ages. Rescued from a city shelter and after training and time he doesn't accept being with other dogs. Best to a home familiar w...
14-May-2018Van Nuys, CA(11 miles)Dogs for Sale
15-May-2018Fillmore, CA(22 miles)Dogs for Sale
Hamilton is a super smart guy with high drive so his perfect home will have to be a specific one. Here is what we know... Hamilton is between four and 6yrs old but his energy level is pretty high. He is an escape artist, able to jump or climb over fences, open gates and make holes in chain link. He is okay with some female dogs but we don't know if he can peacefully live with another dog in a h...
15-May-2018Fillmore, CA(22 miles)Dogs for Sale
Meet cutie pie Amber! She's a loving red head, about four or 5 yrs old and found herself homeless when she had an unfortunate fight with a chihuahua. We were informed that Amber did not start the altercation but the size difference meant that the small dog didn't make it. (This is 1 of the reasons we urge people not to leave big dogs and little dogs alone together, especially if they don't know...
15-May-2018Fillmore, CA(22 miles)Dogs for Sale
Forrest is a new youngster that we are still getting to know but it is already clear that he needs a special home with a lot of patience. He has some neurological deficits that we have seen before in dogs that suffer damage at or before birth. They kind of lean to 1 side and it causes some challenges with balance, possibly depth perception and it takes a bit more time and creativity to train th...
15-May-2018Fillmore, CA(22 miles)Dogs for Sale
Bio coming soon
15-May-2018Fillmore, CA(22 miles)Dogs for Sale
Bio coming soon
15-May-2018Fillmore, CA(22 miles)Dogs for Sale
Bio coming soon
15-May-2018Fillmore, CA(22 miles)Dogs for Sale
Clay is a attractive and very dog-social young male who was picked up as a stray and was thoroughly terrified during his animal rescue shelter stay. When leashed, he laid down and pretended he wasn't present, so we've had to work with him on leash to boost his confidence. Clay is about 2 yrs old, and he does seem happiest in the company of another dog. He's currently kenneled with a bossy femal...
15-May-2018Fillmore, CA(22 miles)Dogs for Sale
Spider came to us bone-thin, so we imagine he had been stray for awhile, and it took him a little time to seek out affection. He's an excitable dog when other dogs pass by or approach his kennel, and we at 1st assumed he was not at all dog-social. Presently he lives with an evenly-matched female Dobie, and though he routinely scolds her, he has never put a mark on her. He may even enjoy having ...
15-May-2018Fillmore, CA(22 miles)Dogs for Sale
Lido is a youngster that came in as a stray to an animal rescue shelter. He is full of spunk and will keep any owner on their toes so he needs someone active and able to keep up! At one or 2yrs old, he is kind of an overgrown puppy with silliness to spare and he is always up for some cuddling when his exercise needs are fulfilled. Lido has lived with some female dogs and he gets along with them...
16-May-2018Culver City, CA(20 miles)Dogs for Sale
Linus is the man! He is a fun German Pinscher/Minimum-Pin mixture! He is about 8 yrs old, and likes to run around and play with other dogs. He is well behaved and potty trained. He loves his people, and likes to be around them. Hes a cuddler! He is a very cute pup who is nice with all people, children, and with dogs and cats! Hes an easy and cute pooch!
16-May-2018Marina Del Rey, CA(19 miles)Dogs for Sale
I grew up with my canine sister in a very nice home with a loving mom who took good care of us. Unfortunately, when she passed away, none of her family members could keep us, but Forte took us in and now I am living in a foster home with several other dogs. I am cute, precious and loving and will be a very good part of the family. I love children and love it when they cuddle me. I won t take up...
16-May-2018Marina Del Rey, CA(19 miles)Dogs for Sale
Chuckie is a come-back kid! Chuckie had a lot of pent up energy when we 1st rescued him and he needed time and socialization to relax around certain people and loosen up. At heart, Chuckie is precious and loves human affection- especially from women. He also is nice on leash and likes to walk, sometimes jog. He is very friendly with most of the many dogs he shares space with at the center, but ...
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