Many canvas bags. Received some from a previous freecycler. Not really large enough for food shopping, but hand for many other things.
Sweeper. Bought at target. Good on floors. Use different only once. Vas s Ella brand
Mop with attached bottle. Squirts out cleaning liquid. Needs mop heads.
This is a handy blanket that has a backside to it that keeps it on your car s seat. Slightly used but in great shape
For cats! Was given it from a co-worker, but I have girl cats. I don't need it. Almost a full bottle.
Got a new printer and have these extra cartridges hopefully someone can use them .
cleaning garage! Some nice and unused supplies as well as some used.
These are expensive down and foam sofas covered in custom Camel Chenille slip covers. The pillows are soft so need fluffing... but other than that they're in great condition. VERY comfortable. 84" wide x 44" deep x 37" high. Two identical sofas. Smoke free, cat free home. Some fading on the end that faced the window, but an end table would hide it.
I have some neutral color (tan) 12 x 12 tiles. They are new in the box. It's about 500 square feet. This tile is HEAVY and would take a few loads in a "regular" car.
Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker. The glass pot broke, and the Teflon on the burner has worn off, but it still works perfectly. We got a new coffeemaker, so just offering this one up.